The new world server transfer function is under development, because the developers are working hard to solve the problem of queue time

Amazon Game Studios said it is working to increase server capacity to help cope with the influx of New world Players. It is also studying the functions that allow server transfers.

In a statement released today, the studio stated that although its desire is to welcome a large number of players to the game within the launch week, it was “frankly surprised” by the number of over 1 million. And it seems that this number is increasing every day, which has caused some players to queue for a long time in the more popular gaming world.

Since the game’s launch on Tuesday, the developers have more than doubled the number of servers, and the team is working to increase the capacity of all available servers to support a higher population cap. The plan is to continue adding as many servers as possible until the waiting time stabilizes.

At the same time, if you are the first time logging in, you can choose to enter the game quickly. According to the studio, 40% of servers have short or no waiting time, so people are encouraged to choose one of them. The function to allow server transfer is under development, so it is recommended that you choose one temporarily, because you can make different choices later. This feature is “first” in the developer’s priority list.

The team’s goal is to release this feature next week after being thoroughly tested and ready. Prior to the release, detailed information on how the transfer process works will be provided.

On the first day of release, the game attracted 572,689 concurrent players on Steam, making it second. As mentioned above, since then, the number of players has grown exponentially, resulting in a lot of queue time and a lot of frustration. Hope that adding more servers has and will continue to help solve the problem.

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