The new world’s full server will not accept new character creation because the game has set a new Steam record

New world It has been hot since its launch. Since the release date, the number of simultaneous online players of the game on Steam has been overturned many times. The most recent number was 913,634 players 12 hours ago.

To help manage this huge load, the developer Amazon Game Studios has taken a number of measures, including recently starting to study the server transfer function, which will allow players to transfer their characters to another server for free for a limited time.

But Amazon Game Studios went one step further.Developer Announced on saturday The game will no longer allow you to create characters on a full server. The full server will now be grayed out to prevent players from accidentally choosing them as homes for new characters.

According to Amazon, this will only affect attempts to create new characters. Currently, 28 servers are in a “full” state, but this will be changed periodically.To help players better understand the situation, the developer created a Server status page This will show all game servers in each region and whether they are online/offline/under maintenance/full.

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