The new Xbox statistics page being tested can track game time

Ever wondered how long you played in the game? As part of the console user interface, Xbox users are one step closer to ready-made information. This feature is still in beta, but some Xbox Insiders can use it in the new update, which is still in beta.

Xbox consoles that enable Alpha updates as part of the Xbox Update Preview program should see UI updates today. This update brings some bug fixes and a new guide menu function to view the time you play the game and other game-specific statistics.The new statistics page can be found here, according to Blog post From Xbox:

“When you are playing a game, you can view the game activity tab. Not only can you view the classic achievement list, you can also view the newly added statistics page, which can track game time and other content, depending on the game you are playing.”

Knowing how many hours you spend in the game is very useful, especially for games where the timer is unreliable or there is no timer at all. It’s even more exciting to consider what other information this new statistics page will show. How many total points did you score online in Madden NFL 22? Where is your most inhabited area on Fortnite Island? What is your most commonly used weapon in Halo Infinite? How many jumps did you make in Ori and the Will of the Wisps? These are hypothetical statistics, but I hope that developers can come up with interesting statistics that have nothing to do with the achievements I don’t even know I want.

Remember, this is an alpha test version. From now to full public release, features may change. Those who wish to test early firmware on game consoles should know that there may be unstable parts in the interface, which may affect gameplay in some ways. If you are concerned about problems, it is best to wait until the feature update has been thoroughly tested and certified for release.

Are you excited to have an easily accessible game clock on Xbox consoles? What statistics do you want to know about the games you play? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!