The next chapter of Roblox teaching and learning

Our vision at Roblox is to reimagine the way people get together and provide a safe and civilized place where everyone can create, explore, collaborate and share experiences.More than six years after Imbellus has developed simulation-based assessments to assess the cognitive and practical skills needed in life, I am very happy to have the opportunity to use my learning as we begin the next chapter Roblox education.

Roblox Education will support and expand the teaching and learning already happening on Roblox Studio and Roblox.Every day, students are learning to code, solve problems with friends, and Experience Far away, not just heard. We hope that everyone will have these opportunities. Our goal is to support 100 million students to learn on our platform by 2030.

Attracting 100 million students to participate requires equipping educators everywhere with dynamic learning environments that bring educational content—scientific phenomena, historical moments, or mathematical concepts that underpin real-world systems—to life experienced, Not just learning.On Roblox, educators, administrators, course and teaching providers, families, and students will be able to access an ecosystem of educational experiences that are both fun and interesting with participate.

Equally important is teaching Rob Rock StudioRoblox Studio provides community members (from educators to curious students) with the opportunity to learn to create, code, and iterate using a free, easy-to-use authoring engine. Since 2015, Roblox has been supporting educational programs that use Roblox Studio for STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) teaching.our Build it, play it The event has mobilized more than 200,000 students to learn new development skills in Roblox Studio. At the same time, dozens of STEM teaching organizations including ID Tech and Code Ninjas have led tens of thousands of students in computer science, design and development courses.

The next important step for Roblox Education is to further enhance the educational utility of Roblox Studio and Roblox client experience, all of which are to support teaching and learning in the meta-universe.

Our original Roblox Community Fund recipient

As our founder and CEO David Baszucki announced in a statement Blog post Earlier today, we launched our latest project, Roblox Community Fund. The initial $10 million fund was dedicated to bringing a high-quality educational experience to Roblox and supporting educators to use Roblox Studio in the classroom.

The Roblox Community Fund will provide investment, grants, and funding to educational partners who develop courses and educational experiences that utilize our platform in an immersive and engaging way, and provide support services to promote Roblox Teaching and learning. As Roblox expands our education efforts and improves our technology and platform capabilities to provide services to students and schools around the world, we will focus on ensuring that our partners and programs can reach underserved communities.

We welcome education creators to imagine learning concepts and environments that Roblox can serve The best thing. Our initial education grantees represent the talent and heterogeneity of the creators we hope to fund:

  • First® with Filament game Has teamed up to develop an exciting new virtual robot game Robot Company, Which will meet the needs of today’s robotic competitors while expanding access to this important and future-oriented form of learning based on STEM projects.Through open sandbox games, problem-based challenges, and competitive virtual tournaments inspired by contemporary e-sports tournaments, this new experience aims to provide a virtual adventure that complements First.
  • science Museum A trip to Destination Mars will be launched, and students will explore the International Space Station and plan to land on Mars. Students will work in teams to develop and maintain infrastructure to support experiments and human life on Mars. In the process, students will learn how NASA can increase the presence of humans in space. Students will experience living conditions in different alien environments and the adaptation needed to ensure human survival outside the earth, while practicing STEM thinking habits, especially those related to engineering design processes and scientific inquiry. Students will adopt the next generation of scientific standard practices and skills when learning and exploring as space scientists.
  • Project Lead (PLTW) A unique STEM education learning experience will be released starting in the spring of 2022. More than 250,000 students nationwide will be able to explore careers and concepts in the fields of computer science, engineering, and biomedical sciences. Students will participate, collaborate, explore, imagine, create, and solve problems in a virtual environment to gain a key understanding of STEM concepts and develop the transferable skills needed to meet today’s challenges and prepare for future careers.

Roblox strives to be a precious learning tool and destination, whether in the classroom or at home. We have no intention of destroying, replacing or reshaping the way education occurs; on the contrary, our desire is to build a content ecosystem that supports educators and families to continue to promote the learning of students around the world. Although we understand that our educational products cannot meet everyone’s needs, we will do our best to make community members who choose to use Roblox useful, low-friction, open and relevant.

You can learn more about our vision to support teaching and learning through Roblox on our website Education websiteWe also encourage education providers, developers and educators to read information about Roblox Community Fund and contact our team in the following ways [email protected] Suggestions for building an educational experience on Roblox or using Roblox Studio for teaching.