The next developer stream of Dying Light 2 will focus on the open world of the game

Developer Fading Light 2: Keeping Humanity Will host the fourth episode of the Dying 2 Know series on September 30

You will be able to listen at 12 PM Pacific Time, 3 PM US Eastern Time, and 8 PM UK Techland’s Twitch channel.

This time, this episode will focus on the open world of the game and bring surprises.

In this episode, the lead game designer Tymon SmektaƂa will host the episode with anchor Leah and reveal a lot of details about the open world, including more information about its citizens, especially one of the new characters in the story. Ledo.

According to the developer, the open world is one of the main pillars of the game, and this episode will showcase the city in more depth. The audience will learn more about freedom and exploration, showing the two faces of the city-the cruel side and the more dynamic side.

You can also expect to hear more game music. Olivier Deriviere, the composer of the music in “Dying Light 2”, will discuss the music in more detail on site.

“Dying Light 2: Remaining People” will be released on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S on February 4, 2022.