The next Dungeons & Dragons book is Faye Wild’s whimsical play

The title of the next Dungeons & Dragons campaign book is The Wild Beyond The Witch Light, Will be published on September 21st. The publisher Wizards of the Coast D & D live, A two-day special event hosted by G4.

D & D in 2014 Players HandbookThis batter has been particularly hot with some recent products. The mystery of candle keeping Is an excellent anthology of short sitting alone adventures, created by the cast of a great variety of writers.What followed Van Richten’s Ravenloft Guide, Reboots the classic horror settings from the 1990s. We called it “the largest and best D & D book of our generation.”

Special alternative covers are available at the friendly local game store.
image: Hydro 74/ Wizards of the Coast

Following these outstanding titles, all the attention wild Beyond the witch light Sets the future tone of the game. Wizards has appointed leading story designer Chris Perkins as the story lead. Wizards hasn’t given details about its contents, but has raised his hand frequently in the past through his early playtest material, the “Excavated Arcana” series. The new packet, launched in May, Faye Wild peopleIncludes sample rules for playing as Fairies, Hobgoblins, Owl Forks, and Rabbit Forks.

Fans can expect more announcements every day this week, which Wizards calls “Legendary Week.”