The next State of Play on the PlayStation will debut the first Horizon Forbidden West gameplay

Developer Guerrilla Games reveals first gameplay from Horizon Forbidden West On Thursday, May 27th, during the new State of Play live stream hosted by PlayStation. The digital showcase features “all about 14 minutes of new in-game action featuring the hero’s main character, Alloy, captured directly on the PlayStation 5.” Horizon Forbidden West Game director Mathijs de Jonge PlayStation blog..

Thursday’s live stream will be available on PlayStation Cramps And YouTube channel. The new State of Play will start on May 27th at 5pm EDT / 2pm PDT and will run for approximately 20 minutes. Guerrilla Games and Sony Interactive Entertainment will have a “unique countdown” before the show, starting at 12:00 EST / 9 AM Pacific Daylight Time.

Announced by Sony and guerrillas Horizon Forbidden West A public event on PlayStation 5 in June 2020. The sequel sends the main character Alloy to the Pacific coast. The game’s public trailer included footage of the alloy swimming. The existing tower of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. A new machine based on animals such as wild boars, turtles and mammoths.

Horizon Forbidden West Originally announced in late 2021. The game will also appear on PlayStation 4.

original Horizon Zero Dawn It made its debut on PS4 in February 2017 and eventually became one of the best-selling console games. It’s the story of Aloi, a young woman in danger of adulthood attacking her village to track down those who attacked her tribe and tried to kill her. The game is played in the 31st century in a world where humanity lives in a primitive existence on Earth. Life was re-sown after being completely wiped out by the plague of killer robots in the 21st century.