The next update of Battlefield 2042 will fix the resurrection and weakening of the terrible hovercraft

Electronic Arts stated that its pre-release Battlefield 2042 patch released yesterday “helps improve the smoothness of the experience,” and promised more changes, including repairs to the resurrection of soldiers and weakening of the hovercraft.

A series of tweets detailed the upcoming changes:

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  • Soldiers resurrected: We are sure that we have identified the cause of the problem that you can never resurrect, especially when the player is close to nearby geometry. This issue is being resolved. In addition, we are approaching a possible server-side fix for players who cannot respawn in rare circumstances. If the server-side fix does not persist, we have prepared further solutions for the upcoming update.
  • UAV-1 interaction: We temporarily deleted it, and at the same time we can evaluate the best way to maintain balance and fun. This work is now complete, and we will seek to re-enable it at the same time as the next update.
  • Missing loading: The rare problem that sometimes causes our end data call to fail has been developed and is currently being tested. We would love to roll this out to everyone and make sure you don’t get frustrated by the need to reconnect to the server.
  • Vehicle balance: The LCAA hovercraft will be re-equipped with lighter armor to reduce its health. We are adjusting some of its weapons. MD540 Nightbird will also make similar adjustments to its weapons. We are paying close attention to the early balance of future changes.