The Nightmare update of Phasmophobia offers four new ghosts and a haunted campground

Phasmophobia’s Nightmare update has arrived, bringing us the game’s first outdoor map, a series of new ghost types, and a rework of the difficulty level including the new nightmare mode. “

This new map called Maple Lodge Campsite contains picnic areas, tents, cabins and a haunted lake. This is a medium-sized map, but has more unique objects, object density, and visual details than other maps in the game, which may affect performance. Developer Kinetic Games stated that a minimum required PC should be able to handle it without any problems, but if you try to get rid of a system that does not fully meet the specifications, you may see a drop in FPS. The minimap in the Maple Lodge Campsite truck has also been updated; other locations will receive similar minimap updates in the future.