The only anti-tank rocket launcher in Battlefield 2042 was too bad and was shot by a sniper rifle

Battlefield 2042 Currently not the best vehicle metadata. Many factors affect this, such as the size of the map, the number of offensive vehicles available, the health of the self-regenerating vehicles, and the number of anti-vehicle counters-such as rocket launchers.

As we all know, Battlefield 2042 has a relatively small series of launch weapons, which is especially obvious on rocket launchers. There are exactly two of them: recoilless M5 and FXM-33 air defense missiles-with the first batch of ground counter-attack vehicles, and the second aircraft. .

This essentially means that your options when taking out the vehicle are quite limited, especially compared to previous games in the series, which provide a series of rocket launchers, each with its own advantages and disadvantages to support various styles.

Players are not satisfied with the damage caused by the M5 to the vehicle, but it may actually be worse than we thought. Reddit users Letv Conducted some experiments to compare the M5 and NWT-50 sniper rifles to see which one can destroy the tank faster.

NWT is an anti-armor rifle with five bullets in the magazine, so it is not surprising that it causes considerable damage to the armor.But what is shocking is How many The damage it caused, especially considering that its reloading time was significantly faster than the M5’s reloading speed.

As you can see in the video, the M5 requires three shots to lower the tank from the maximum HP to 1-2HP. This process takes 13.97 seconds. On the other hand, NWT-50 requires four shots at the same location to completely destroy the tank-this process takes 7.8 seconds.

NWT-50 unlocks late, so you may not use it as an anti-armor weapon as often as the M5. But it still cannot defeat the rocket launcher in terms of dismantling armor.

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