The open world of Horizon Forbidden West “feels more vivid and real than ever before”

This is not the first time we read the Horizon Forbidden West blog post to understand what Guerrilla Games has been doing. In this new chapter, Aloy will not only be more dynamic and realistic, but she will also explore a huge map with a fair share of cutting-edge quality. According to Espen Sogn, chief lifestyle designer, the development team hopes that players can “experience a more dynamic and real world than ever before.” Knowing the impressive pedigree of the guerrilla game, this may be the case.

this Latest blog post Point out that the sandbox of Forbidden West is designed to maintain authenticity. This is mainly reflected in the cultural norms of the tribes Aloy encountered. Espen mentioned two tribes and juxtaposed their customs to show the player’s place in the world:

“Oseram is a patriarchal tribe in society and history, so their animation is more about shoulder punches and high-fives. On the other hand, Utaru is laid-back, so they often sit together and are more sensitive.”

This level of authenticity is also evident in the customization options. Aloy can upgrade her weapons on the workbench (in addition to her spear, she can now carry up to 6 weapons). More importantly, senior designer Steven Lumpkin (Steven Lumpkin) said that any outfit options reflect the tribe’s acquisition of certain goods, while also providing rewards and resistance.

“Clothing reflects a unique style and materials that a tribe can obtain and know how to use,” Lumpkin said. “Hunters from Nora tend to fight long-range and covert hunting. Carja is good at using traps and tripwires. Noisy Otheran likes to fight close quarters with a hammer. Tenakth and Utaru also have their own preferences-Aloy gets it from every culture The costumes often reflect and support these unique ways of fighting.”

Everything in the Horizon Forbidden West game world has a certain narrative purpose. “When you go out in Forbidden West, we hope that this story will be reflected in every detail of the world,” reiterated senior author Annie Kitain. “Aloy’s journey will take her through some very gorgeous settlements, let her meet many interesting characters, trade cool new equipment, and prepare for future challenges.”

Horizon Forbidden West will launch games for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 on February 18. Read all the new content in “Horizon Forbidden West” and stay up to date with Guerrilla Games.