The origin of Final Fantasy by Team Ninja rumored at E32021 is revealed

Nioh and Ninja Gaiden’s developer team Ninja is developing a new FINAL FANTASY spin-off action game from Square Enix. Fun bite..The game, reportedly the title Final Fantasy originWill be announced in June to coincide with E32021. Square Enix has been confirmed to appear at this year’s E3.

The Fanbyte report is as follows: A series of rumors Regarding Origin of FINAL FANTASY, From Software’s Dark Souls series and Respawn Entertainment Star Wars Jedi: Corrupted Order..Final Fantasy spin-offs are said to be “more accessible” [than Nioh] For more viewers “and set during the franchise’s first game event. origin It’s reportedly bound to the PlayStation 5, and a Windows PC version will be available at a later date.

Another element of surrounding rumors Origin of FINAL FANTASY Team Ninja will release a playable demo of the game this summer to solicit player feedback.The studio has released a similar “alpha” demo Nioh And Nioh 2 Before the final product of each game.

Team Ninja and Square Enix are already in close collaboration, thanks to the former effort. Discidia Final Fantasy NT, A fighting game featuring characters drawn from the wider FINAL FANTASY franchise.The game features two characters based on the original Final Fantasy, Light Warrior (pictured above) and Garland.

Square Enix previously released the game by name Final fantasy origin.. Released for the original PlayStation Final fantasy origin I compiled the first two games of the franchise in remastered format.