The Outriders New Horizon update brings major final changes, and the 2022 expansion is coming soon

Square Enix and People Can Fly have revealed new expeditions, improved loot systems, and with the upcoming New Horizon update, Outriders will launch more content.

In the new trailer released this morning, you can catch a glimpse of what to expect in the new horizons, but in the large Outriders live broadcast held today, the team detailed the content of the update. More specifically, when New Horizons goes live tomorrow, you can expect four new expeditions, a completely redesigned expedition system, an improved loot system and a new transmog system.

In terms of expeditions, four new expeditions will be launched on the same day as the update. However, they will be redesigned like other expeditions: by default, the timer will be turned off, and the speed or speed at which you complete the expedition will no longer affect your loot. Timers are still an option for them, but using them will only earn you “braggering rights” because they no longer affect your loot rewards.

Speaking of loot rewards, loot that you already own is now unlikely to drop in the game, which means you should see an increase in the number of new equipment and weapons you get. You can also complete the final Outriders quest “Eye of the Storm” and get a free legendary loot of your choice. After completing the Eye of the Storm, there will always be three random legendary items as rewards, and they will never be the loot you already own.

As far as the new Outriders transmog system is concerned, it meets your expectations: You can transfer weapon statistics and abilities to the physical appearance of different weapons, as can be said for all equipment. Therefore, if you get a better weapon, but don’t want to give up the appearance of the current weapon, you don’t have to do this-just use the transmog to carry the appearance of the weapon. According to People Can Fly, even the sound of your weapon will follow the transmogrification.

New Horizons will go live tomorrow, November 16, this may be the last major update before Outrider’s 2022 expansion called Worldslayer. People Can Fly expressed that they hope to have more expectations for this expansion at some point in the future.

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