The PC function of Monster Hunter Rise tempted me to invest another 100 hours

There are a lot of people outside who will call Metroid Fear This Nintendo Switch The best game of 2021. In fact, many people might call it Game of the Year, full stop. But I don’t even think this is the best Switch game of 2021: at the beginning of this year, Capcom Exceeded all expectations Monster Hunter Rise -Compared with the undeniably denser console brethren, this is a more streamlined and easy-to-play game, Monster hunter world.

On Switch, I invested more than 100 hours in “Monster Hunter: Rise” in 2021 (thanks to some blockades and a smooth start this year), so you would think that I have hunted down groups of Rathalos in the back. Barking dogs, insert my sword into their heads and tear off their skin so I can wear it like a coat. However, as the PC release date on January 12, 2022 approaches, I can’t help but find myself happy to return to Kamura Village again.

why? Since games like Elden Ring and Horizon Forbidden West are rapidly approaching, why should I make such a promise? First of all, I have never experienced all the DLC added to the game after the release. The tradition of Monster Hunter games is to continue to update the game for a long time after its release, and in the months after it first landed on Switch, Rise has updated Monster Hunter Story 2: Wings of Ruins, Great God, and Streets. Armor sets and weapons Fighter, Mega Man 11, Ghosts’n Goblins Resurrection and non-Capcom Sonic the Hedgehog.

I really don’t think I can really say that I’ve really played this game until I plunged into the flagship monster Magnamalo, dressed as a fast blue hedgehog, and my dog—playing everyone’s favorite furry Entry point, tail-with the sword held in its mouth. outstanding.

If you did play the game on Switch, but gave up after earning points for the first time, you will most likely also miss some cool new things: all new monsters and missions added to the game will be on release Appeared in Monster Hunter Rise, basically cloned version 3.6.1 of the Switch game. This also means that the game has a new ending, which did not exist when it was first launched in 2021-if you are eager to catch up and are ready to play the Sunbreak expansion pack that will land this summer, you can also have all the bells and whistles in one It will not slow you down when you are about to become Barioth.

This reminds me of the real reason why I want to return to the PC version of “Monster Hunter: Rise”. The sweaty rampage on the Switch is great, but when there are more than five or six monsters and four players on the screen at the same time, the hardware starts to struggle a bit. On the PC, with 4K graphics, higher resolution and frame rate, and the option to use advanced graphics settings… the whole process will become more interesting.

Putting some time into the Monster Hunter Rise PC demo at the end of 2021 is eye-opening: the unlimited frame rate shows how smooth and smooth this game is regardless of 30FPS (just like on the Switch). Some of the best moments in Monster Hunter have been dying mistakes and timely knockouts. Glide on the fireball of the ancient dragon without health, parry the tail, then interrupt the tail of the monster, throw himself from the cliff on the back of the angry bear, and then ride to the side of the mountain… These lunatics use 60FPS for everything. When running at the above speed, time-sensitive and twitch-reflex decoys become more meaningful all the time.

Clicking on the option to apply improved textures will make the world feel more vivid and warm-of course, it will never look like Monster Hunter World, but it doesn’t need to. Not the kind of gorgeous, well-achieved art direction. The improved resolution brought by the 756p docking/540p non-docking resolution on the PC is also day and night; only from the demonstration, it allows me to record some extra details and nuances in the monster design. These details and nuances are in my mind. I was lost, squinting at my Switch in the dark at 4 am.

Last but not least, there is a built-in voice chat function in the PC version. When we started hunting last year, my monster hunting sister and I usually held Xbox Live parties and chatted through another platform… For many reasons, this is not an ideal setting. For many people, Monster Hunter is a social game, so when we are slammed by an angry Magnamalo, we can growl and bark effortlessly. This is another surprisingly attractive PC version compared to the original. charm.

If you are skeptical about trying Monster Hunter Rise on PC, I can only say: There is a reason why it sold more than 5 million copies on Switch alone. If you really like this game and want expert guidance on how all production, hunting, and combat work, please visit our in-depth “Monster Hunter: Rise” guide.

We are still a week away from the release of Rise on PC, which will mark the beginning of a year for the game killer. I think I only need to complete more than 100 hours of work before the first quarter of 2022 actually starts.