The PC port of the Final Fantasy 7 remake is disappointing

This summer, Square Enix released an updated version of “Final Fantasy 7 Remake” for PlayStation 5. Digital Foundry is called “Amazing upgrade”-it has fully upgraded the texture, completely changed the lighting, in addition to the 4K 30 fps option, it also provides a new 60 fps performance mode. Both are as solid as a rock. Six months later, Square Enix finally brought the FF7R to the PC, but something went wrong. The PC port not only lacks almost all the graphics options we expect from the high-end PC version, but also has a stuttering problem on some systems.

“The PC port is too bad,” Tweet John Linneman of Digital Foundry.

The scary may be a bit exaggerated-unlike the really bad PC ports, the FF7R did not crash or exhibit the bugs we have seen that disrupt the game. But for $70, the stingy graphics option in a game of this size and budget is a real red flag. This is all you can adjust:

(Image source: Square Enix)

There is no variable frame rate option, and there is no way to adjust anti-aliasing, switch VSync, or control motion blur and other effects. The port also does not allow you to control resolution scaling, which is now a common option for balancing image quality and performance.