The PlayStation website will remove party, friends, trophy information, etc. next month

Sony has made significant changes to its PlayStation website over the last few years, gradually removing the ability to integrate into mobile apps and console interfaces. With the latest update, Team Blue has confirmed that it will remove some more features from the PlayStation site, including removing access to your game library, friend information, trophies, and more.

With a new blog update from Sony, the company has confirmed that MyPlayStation will no longer be supported. This limits the following features:

  • Game library
  • Parties
  • friend
  • Trophy
  • Profile information

The above features will continue to be accessible from the PlayStation 4 and 5 consoles and the PS app, which continues to have the latest updates. I would like this app to provide a way to display screenshots like the Xbox app. Great for someone like me who likes to use in-game captures as fancy wallpapers and more.

The removal of MyPlayStation will be confirmed on June 28th, along with the removal of PS Vita’s messaging service. In April Sony removed PlayStation Communities from its PS4 system, but it’s still accessible through the app.

You can read the complete list of features that have been removed and features that have already been removed. Here Directly from Sony’s website.

PlayStation fans have been quite vocal about Sony’s disappointment with its decision to remove features. Reddit and Resettera How aggressive is the push of mobile apps. There’s a good reason why certain features have been removed, especially on outdated systems like the PS Vita, but can that be true for all getting app dependencies? Determined in the comments section below. ..