The Pokemon card that Logan Paul wore in Mayweather Fight was “Million Dollar Card, Baby”

Logan Paul, YouTube … Something went back to the ring in yet another battle for public worship, but this time against Floyd Mayweather. The battle itself aroused the curiosity of many. But the true star of the scene was the Charizard Pokemon card that Paul decided to wear as part of his outfit. Pokemon cards can always be very valuable, but this heavily advertised match seems to have raised its monetization potential to a profane level.

The Pokemon Charizard card with YouTuber in the ring was a special, 10-grade version of the first edition of Fire Starter in mint condition. Due to its condition and edition, this Charizard iteration was already of considerable value, but for the Mayweather match it was even more valuable.

The match was probably pretty boring, or it might just be us, but it’s because Pokemon was nifty. Demand for this particular Charizard is due to the fact that only a handful of these cards are available. It’s easy to understand that it’s expensive. Wearing it in such a high-profile game makes all of Pokemon even more attractive.

During a press conference facilitating the fight, he boasted that this was a “million-dollar card, baby.” True, but not enough to make the fight interesting.

Paul has created countless videos about buying expensive tags without hesitation in his entertainment of gaining Pokemon value. He talked about how to invest in a particular card, evaluate its value over the years, and take them to an impressive level. When it comes to investing, Pokemon is a fun way to get rich. Still, this particular pastime requires a fair amount of cash to get started, unless you’re an avid collector since the start of the trading card game.

I contacted an appraiser to find out the true value of this card.

So, Pokemon. Pretty neat.