The Pokemon Company acquires Millennium Print Group, which prints Pokemon TCG cards

The Pokemon Company announced that it has acquired Millennium Print Group, the company’s long-term partner in North American printing of Pokemon trading card games. The purchase agreement amount has not been disclosed. game player Millennium Print Group reportedly manufactures and packages Pokemon TCG products, and has been doing so since the two companies partnered in 2015. The Pokemon Company will now expand Millennium Print Group’s “capacity, infrastructure and scale to become the premier transaction card printer for the wider industry.”

“The talented team at Millennium Print Group has been a valued partner for The Pokemon Company International for many years, helping us bring the Pokemon trading card game to our fans in the quality they expect. By joining forces in a more meaningful way , our goal is to strengthen our organization’s collaborative approach and continue to bring the highest quality Pokemon TCG products to market. At the same time, our goal is to evolve the Millennium into a better, bigger, state-of-the-art version that makes Their already fantastic organization benefits not only from Pokemon, but all of their customers.”

Kenji Okubo, President of The Pokemon Company International.