The Pokemon Go Halloween 2021 event requires you to determine the size of the pumpkin

Pokemon Go Fans, it’s time for the creeps: Niantic detailed the now classic Halloween event for this year’s game, and what you can expect when it starts later this week (Friday, October 15).

Pokemon Go Halloween 2021—also known as a Halloween prank—will be divided into two parts; the creepy companion and the cruel companion. During the entire event period (including the two parts listed above), you will be able to obtain 2x candies through transfer, capture and hatching. When you walk with your chosen partner, you will also get a guaranteed Candy XL.

However, the coolest new mechanics that this Halloween update brings are related to the size of the Pokemon. Pumpkaboo and Gourgeist will arrive in time before the event, and they will vary according to the size of the creature you catch. The bigger the Pumpkaboo, the bigger Gourgeist you can evolve.

“We also got news that you will be able to encounter pumpkins of different sizes, just like you are in the Carlos area,” said Press release From Niantic. “Foodies evolved from pumpkin cats will also come in different sizes! During this period, brave trainers can complete collection challenges and encourage them to find these ghostly Pokémon!

Whether we will see this mechanism appear on other Pokemon remains to be seen. There is always an NPC in the main game that will measure the size of your Magikarp-can we see that Gen 1’mon also has some unique size mechanisms in the future?

Phantump and Trevenant will also join the game in the event, if you evolve Galarian Slowpoke, Galarian Slowking will also appear. Mega Absol will appear in Mega Raids next week.

Following the tradition of the Halloween event, you will also see more psychics, ghosts, and dark-type Pokemon in the local area-make the most of them when they lay their eggs.

As part of the event, if you don’t hate spiders, you can also get shiny spinach for the first time.

During all of this, if you play a game at night, you will hear Lavendar Town music playing in the background. spooky!

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