The president of Team Ninja said Koei Tecmo will showcase games that will showcase the company’s “full power” in 2022

Japanese news media 4Gamer Recently I had the opportunity to sit down with many developers from various video game development studios (including those from Koei Tecmo) and ask them about their expectations for 2022. President of KT’s Ninjas The teacher, Yosuke Lin; the producer of the Dead or Alive series, and exclusive games on the Nintendo platform including Hyrule Warriors, Fire Emblem Warriors and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, made some interesting comments about the coming year. According to him, Koei Tecmo will release games in 2022, showcasing the “full power” of the company’s current state. These games have been in development for several years.

Several other leaders of Koei Tecmo also made fun of some of their ongoing projects.

Junzo Hosoi, brand manager of Gust Co., said that the celebration plan for the 25th anniversary of the Atelier series is underway to coincide with the upcoming release. Sophie Studio 2: The Alchemist of Mysterious Dreamland. Team Ninja Brand Director Fumihiko Yasuda reminded everyone that a new “Three Kingdoms” action game is still under development, and revealed that his secret director title has finally begun to take shape after years of planning. Finally, Keisuke Kikuchi, the producer of the Fatal Frame series, will “accept a new challenge” to “create something interesting through trial and error,” but he clarified that it will take some time to announce.

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