“The Prey” is a new predator movie 300 years ago and will be broadcast on Hulu next year

Some movie franchises may never rest—Halloween, Marvel Cinematic Universe, despite what Vin Diesel said, it may be Fast and Furious, to name a few—it seems that Predator is one of them.

This is because according to reports, a new Predator movie will be released next year Independent connection On twitter. Title prey,it is from 10 Cloverfield Lane Director Dan Trachtenberg will be shown on Hulu sometime in 2022. IndieWire If the movie is only streamed on Hulu, or if it is only streamed on the service and released next year, then the wording.

prey A unique predator series will be used. Trachtenberg’s perception of alien enemies will occur 300 years ago, rather than putting predators into the modern, 1980s, or even sometime in the future.More specifically, it will revolve around a “skilled Comanche warrior, protecting her tribe from highly evolved alien predators”, according to reports Independent connection.

Strangely, there is another “prey” around an aboriginal character whose mission is to fight alien enemies. This is a video game developed by Human Head Studios in 2006. Maybe we can all pretend that this Predator movie is the sequel to Prey that we never got (although Arkane’s 2017 Prey is a great game-it’s just not the 2006 Prey sequel that many people want).

While waiting prey Go to play Hulu next year, check out Predator: Hunting Grounds, This is a free PlayStation Plus game in October. You can read our opinion on this Game informant Predator: Review of hunting grounds.If you prefer aliens to predators, please check Game informant Alien: Quarantine review.

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