The producer claims that Final Fantasy XVI has a “broad” skill tree

The 2021 Tokyo Game Show ends at the weekend, and we are still learning a lot of information from various information streams and interviews during the event. One highlight is the interview with Naoki Yoshida and Hironobu Sakaguchi hosted by Famitsu, the two developers representing the present and past of the Final Fantasy series respectively. Yoshida is currently responsible for the development of “Final Fantasy XVI” and has been the driving force behind the revival of “Final Fantasy XIV Online” since A Realm Reborn. Sakaguchi is of course the creator of “Final Fantasy” and recently released a mobile RPG Fantasia.

When the topic turned to why Sakaguchi and Yoshida were attracted to the RPG genre, some news about Final Fantasy XVI disappeared. Yoshida questioned what to call Final Fantasy XVI, because many games have RPG elements. He revealed that Final Fantasy XVI has a “broad” skill tree. After mentioning a skill tree that appeared in “Fantasia”, Yoshida said that XVI has something similar, which is a skill tree that allows players to feel that the game is open to character growth.

It was also mentioned in the discussion that Yoshida confirmed that the scene of FFXVI has been completed, and the team is completing side tasks and making 3D models. He proposed the small size of the team during the scenario planning and added the required personnel while building the rest of the game. Sakaguchi gently pressed his release time, but unfortunately, Yoshida retained that little information. Thank you for putting on the reporter hat for a minute, Sakaguchi. We thank you for your efforts.

Check out the rest of the interview in the video above to watch an interesting conversation between two game development celebrities who happen to sit on opposite ends of one of the game’s largest franchises.