The producer of Elden Ring shared more details about the game’s “unusual map”

As if to go back in time; Eldon Ring The news is hard to come by. The game’s developer has withdrawn from the studio to make the final touches on the game. Since the few previews were released in August, there has been no news about the title. It’s like the huge news gap between our game release in 2019 and the big trailer released in June.

At least, the 2021 Tokyo Game Show has announced some new information for us.Producer Yasuhiro Kitao gave some short comments Faguang During the event, and allow us to gather more details about the upcoming action role-playing game in the process. According to the developer, the game is expected to be released on January 21, 2022. It is currently in the “final stage of development” and the studio is “quietly moving forward.” Very well-branded.

Thanks for the translation Elden Ring subreddit, We learned that-even in accordance with FromSoftware’s standards-the game has a “very unusual map structure” that allows you to explore wherever you want, but “will tell you when you get into trouble.” Interesting .

If you can’t find a way in the vast world (Director Hidetaka Miyazaki says it aims to provide “a huge sense of scale and this feeling of vastness and openness”), you will be able to spot physical map fragments in the wild, which allows you Ability to summon beams from the sky to create waypoints. It will make traversal and navigation a bit easier… if you don’t hit some heavy beasts on the way.

Elden Ring’s release date is set for January 21, 2022, and it is available for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC. You can book the game here.