The release date of Swery65’s good life has been announced

Director Swery65 and his development studio White Owls Inc. have finally determined the release date of The Good Life, and soon. The game’s publisher, PLAYISM, released a trailer this morning (you can watch it above!) outlining the content of “The Good Life” and announcing the release date.

You play as Naomi Hayward (Naomi Hayward), she is a photographer, from her home in New York to the British town of Rainy Woods, solving a mystery for clients. Rainy Woods is called “the happiest town in the world”, but this town and its residents have a secret, and Naomi is quickly involved in it; when the sun goes down, everyone becomes a dog and a cat! During your stay in the town, you will take photos, investigate strange things, and do odd jobs from people in the town to earn extra money, because you will unlock the people behind and behind the Rainy Woods incident.

The Good Life has been produced for a long time, and it was successful on Kickstarter in 2019. Swery65, also known as Hidetaka Suehiro, and his team at White Owls Inc. have released Fatal Premonition 2 and Disappearance in recent years, although the gameplay of Swery65 has penetrated into previous generations of consoles, including D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die, Spyfiction, Extinction and Tomba 2.

Although its status has been undecided for a while, it is great to be able to determine the final release date of “The Good Life” on October 15th. It will be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch and PC. Are you interested in taking pictures of this English country town or spending the night as a puppy or cat? Let us know in the comments!