The release gap between Skyrim and The Elder Scrolls 6 is not “a good thing”, but Starfield is a “now or never” project

The Elder Scrolls 6 was announced at E3 2018 that it was in development, which was a bit out of date for Bethesda, because it often does not announce the game in advance. However, the company wants to assure fans that the game is in progress.

Bethesda has always stated that Starfield will appear before ES6 and has provided zero details of the game. The studio did say that ES6 was designed to play for ten years or more, just like Skyrim, and that its work will not fully begin until Starfield leaves-which means that sometime after November 11, 2022 Time.

Recently, Todd Howard, director of Bethesda Game Studios Talk to IGN In the interview, he discussed the release gap between Skyrim and The Elder Scrolls 6.

This will also be a long gap, because the game is only in the initial stages of development, because Bethesda’s team is currently busy getting Starfield out of the door.

While we wait, if we want to repair the Elder Scrolls, there will always be The Elder Scrolls Online, which is a giant with an estimated over 18 million players, and then Skyrim, which has an anniversary edition.

According to Howard, Skyrim is still very popular. This is self-evident, otherwise Bethesda will not continue to republish it, will it? With the franchise being deemed feasible, The Elder Scrolls as a whole seems to be doing well enough to withstand the long wait between standard releases. In other words, the long interval between releases is not a big issue.

Nevertheless, Bethesda still hopes that it is possible to release “The Elder Scrolls 6” sooner, and Howard is also happy to “wield the magic wand” to make the team want to release this game as soon as possible.

“When I saw the franchise, [I ask] Is it full of energy? Skyrim is still, so when I think of The Elder Scrolls as a franchise, I will ask is it healthy? Is it doing well? Yes,” Howard said. “Are you planning to leave this gap between Skyrim and the follow-up? I can’t say that this is a good thing. I wish I could wave the magic wand and the game we wanted to make, and then it came out, well, absolutely. But we have other things we want to do. “

This is where Starfield comes in. Howard said, considering the start of development after the release of Fallout 4 in 2015, this is a deal now or never.

“For a long time, we have wanted to do something else and play in a new universe. When will we stay? We feel that if we don’t do this, it will never be possible. Therefore, we have a good opinion of The Elder Scrolls. I am very satisfied as a franchise, especially “The Elder Scrolls Online”, so now is the time to make Starfield.”

Howard said that everything is longer than the studio wants, but the team wants to make sure everything is in order, so in The Elder Scrolls 6, the studio doesn’t want to say it’s worth waiting for so long, but it wants you to know that it’s determined to be “very influential.” The forceful approach “ensures that the game is “comparable to the series as before.”

Because the game release time is so far apart, according to Howard, one of the benefits is that it can maintain a steady flow of creativity instead of causing burnout. That is, in Starfield, things are created from scratch, while in The Elder Scrolls 6, you can build a foundation based on what happened before and how people react to it. At the same time, you want to wipe it out and figure out “what it means to be a fantasy role-playing game”. And the team behind it is not interested in making a sequel, on the contrary, it wants to “restart” like every title of the Elder Scrolls.

In short, this will still be a long wait. Starfield hasn’t landed yet, there is still a year to go. When can we expect ES6? Howard did not say, but we hope it will end before the four riders emerge from the cloud and cause severe damage to the people.

Until then, as mentioned above, there will always be additional content in the Skyrim Anniversary Edition to make us satisfied. We can also go back to Oblivion or Morrowind at any time. These are also great games. Especially Morrowind. Again, I am biased.