The restarted GamesMaster announces its new console

We recently reported on the long overdue return of GamesMaster, a pioneering British TV show in the 90s that will return to the screen with a new format and lineup later this year. The show will be co-produced by Alaska TV and Future’s Barcroft Studios (disclosure: Future owns PC Gamer), and now we know who will host it.

The lead host of the reboot series is Robert Florence, who will also serve as the creative consultant for the show. Florence’s previous game works include the long sought after “Consolevania”, ostensibly a review show, but there are also a series of game-related comedy short films, and a similar show Videogaiden. In addition to games, Florence is also a well-known writer and actor on various shows including Burnistoun and The Scotts, and seems very happy to take on this role.

“I am very honored to be able to lead a new generation of challengers to their glory or humiliation under the unwavering gaze of GamesMaster,” Florence said. “I look forward to knowing how much I can escape.”

(Image source: Channel 4)

Florence’s co-hosts are Frankie Ward and Ty Logan. Ward will become a familiar face for PC Gamer fans. He is one of our co-hosts of the PC Gaming Show at E3, but he is also well-known to e-sports fans. He is a hero in “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive” alliance. Oops, she even appeared suddenly in one or two games.

Frankie Ward, one of the new hosts of GameMaster.

(Image source: Channel 4)

This is Ty Logan’s first performance after being selected as one of the future faces of E4 earlier this year. He has previously served as an actor and writer, and he is clearly “prepared to beat anyone on FIFA”.

Ty Logan, one of the new hosts of GamesMaster.

(Image source: Channel 4)

Announcing the release of new talents what to expect from the revised show: “The series will see celebrities, game stars and super fans all participating in challenges, competitions and epic battles. Through a series of virtual battles in games, the contestants will Do your best to win the legendary golden rocker trophy. But during the game, they will be monitored by the all-knowing GamesMaster. “