The return of cryptocurrency to destroy all mankind 2: re-investigation next year

In “Destroy All Mankind 2”, cryptocurrency returns to conquer the earth! Reprobed, a remake of the PlayStation 2 and Xbox era games originally developed by Pandemic. Just like the remake of the first “Destroy All Mankind”, this time the Black Forest game is dealing with development tasks.

Against the backdrop of the vacillating 60s, “Destroy All Mankind 2” confronted Crypto against Soviet agents of the KGB as he tried to capture, consume, and generally kill humans. Our playable alien opponents will have countless weapons and gadgets to complete missions. Of course, he will use his trusted flying saucer to cause severe damage to the town and kidnap residents for his evil plan. Other weapons include Gastro Gun, Burrow Beast, and Dislocator, which is a projectile weapon that can eject enemies into the air away from Crypto. Some of the technologies you can use are being redesigned to become more interesting and balanced, including the aforementioned Dislocator and the overpowered Free Love Goggles.

The Black Forest promises to destroy a more diverse and densely populated world. To create the world for this remake is not to match the original accurate map, but to draw inspiration from the levels of “Destroy All Mankind 2” and introduce modernity and technology. Reprobed is much less than the original version, and has more characters, plants, and buildings. One thing currently confirmed but not shown is the return of the two-person cooperative.

Destroy All Humans 2: Reprobed will be released on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and PC sometime in 2022. For more alien rule, check out our review of the Destroy All Humans remake here.