The rise of the squid?Investigate the spread of the squid game

Unless another show shines in the fourth quarter, the squid game will become a big hit that will define popular culture in 2021. This South Korean Netflix TV series depicts the impoverished and oppressed in contemporary and recent society. They are called up to participate in reality shows, where they must participate in deadly children’s games, and the last person wins millions of dollars in cash prizes. So, as the last person who hasn’t seen it, what can I win?

If nothing else, as a stickler of the squid game, I have a unique and possibly even privileged position. The cultural awakening of the show has produced counterfeit goods, improvisations, imitations and scams in various fields. Spiritual Halloween’s weird pink guard costume, online cultural criticism, and DMCA decoy shovel in the Google Play store all contributed to the hustle and bustle surrounding the show. I came here with a new perspective and a calm, calm look, sampled some noise, and reported to you the impact of Squid Game on PC games. This is what I found.

Crab game

Get used to this view. (Image source: Danny)

Even started to solve the mystery of the crab game, available On Steam It’s free from October 29th, you have to start with its creator, DaniI have never heard of Dani before, but he has more subscribers on YouTube than the population of Chicago, and his most viewed video reached 15 million views. He has a catalog of humor-oriented, physics-based projects developed on the Unity engine, including a mock game called “3D Between Us”. I did not enter the crab game with the highest expectations, but found myself very pleasantly surprised.

A victory I have never tasted. (Image source: Danny)

Except for plagiarizing Squid Game’s iconic and deadly “red light, green light” interpretation, most mini-games are definitely non-classic games, including “King of the Hill”, “Hot Potato” and random looping territorial control modes. Until there is one winner left, the next game can start at this time.