The Scourge expansion of Path of Exile lets you fight against an invading army of demons

In the next season of Path of Exile in the Alliance Expansion Pack Scourge, the cursed continent of Wraeclast is under siege from an army of demons from parallel timelines. And, naturally, you can also venture into this doomed parallel world to smash demons, so that you can recast weapons with their blood. At this rate, Wraeclast on the Path of Exile will never become the top 10 fantasy island resort.

Like all the seasonal expansions and leagues of Path of Exile, players need to roll a new character to meet a new NPC-a refugee from this parallel, doomed timeline, where the demons rudely take over and redecorate A lot of flames and weird tentacles. The survivor entrusted you with a demon artifact, the blood cauldron, and told you to embed it in your body to ensure its safety. Of course you will, because no one on this continent will back down because of a bad idea.

(Image source: Grinding Game)

The expansion of natural disasters can easily become one of the largest expansions in the path of exile in some time.