The sequel to Mortal Kombat Legend will drop this summer

Mortal Kombat Legend: Scorpion’s Revenge It came out last April and records the journey of the famous hero.Sequel called Battle of Realm, Will drop this summer and there is virtually no news that the movie will focus on, but we have cast information in the following ways: Hollywood Reporter..

Many voices from Scorpion’s Revenge I’m back. Some of the voice actors listed here play multiple roles in the film.

Joel McHale (Johnny Cage)
Jennifer Carpenter (Sonia Blade)
Jordan Rodrigues (Liu Kang)
Patrick Seitz (Scorpion)
Art Butler (Shan Tung)
Robin Atkin Downes (Shin Knock)
Dave B. Mitchell (Raiden)
Ike Amady (Jacks)
Gray Griffin (Kitana and Milena)
Fred Tatascio (Shao Kahn)

Of course, new actors will join the team. Matthew Mercer (McCree of Overwatch and Yusuke Kitagawa of Persona 5), ​​who is famous for acting video games, will play striker and smoke. Bayard de Murgia (Tiny Pretty Things) Becomes subzero. Matt Yanking (Numbers) Plays Kung Lao, Paul Nakuchi (Hanzo of Overwatch) plays Lin Kuei Grandmaster, Emily O’Brien (Death Stranding) plays Jade, Debra Wilson (Debra Wilson).The Boondocks) Starring as D’Vorah.

It ’s not an animated movie like Legend, Live-action Mortal Kombat It fell earlier this year. Senior editor Brian Shay enjoyed the film and finally gave him an eight to conclude: Mortal Kombat It’s no disappointment to want a fun expedition of the loose folklore surrounding the first game. The battle scene is great, the character is well represented overall, and the rookie Cole Young is firmly added to the cast of recognizable characters. Part of my writing is a bit snorting, and the plot may feel like it’s in a hurry, but I’m excited to see how the teasing studded at the end of the movie bears fruit in the next article. I am. ”

Mortal Kombat Legend: Battle of Realm, Decreases towards the end of summer.

[Source: The Hollywood Reporter]