The Simpsons continue to inspire webcomic fan artists and hypotheses

The Simpsons Dead, long live The Simpsons. This classic cartoon sitcom has had an incredible impact on popular culture and animation since it began to air in 1989. This is especially true during its golden age, although controversial, it covers seasons 3-8. The classic show of the show has always existed in the spirit of the memetic zeitgeist, just like the infamous “steamed ham” sketch. Candy stickers, Or screenshots used in Twitter jokes. The Simpsons The quotation marks are actually their own dialect.But although the classic The Simpsons Coming and going in a hurry, today’s fans enthusiastically return to the show’s old episodes and new classics to find inspiration for their own Simpsons story.

This animated comedy just held its 33rd season premiere on Sunday, and the show has transformed itself many times during decades of airing. One thing the show refuses to compromise on is to make any characters older, so the timeline keeps moving forward: In season 33, Homer and Maggie are millennials. But what if the Simpsons are really old? Each Simpson has gone through so many iterations and timelines that they can be imagined anywhere (or any time).Webcomic fan artists are exploring these and more questions, and at the same time this The Simpsons‘Classic years.

The Simpsons In fact, he has his own comics, published from 1993 to 2012, based on sitcoms. However, fan comics give artists permission to create and imagine their favorite characters in situations where the official media can’t or won’t portray them. Panic Volkushka is the creation Couple therapy, A comic in which Bart Simpson and otakuChris Griffin Although their father abused them, they are working together to maintain a romantic relationship.

Spring War! It is another fan comic that critically examines Homer Simpson’s legacy, but combines it with the love letter of the classic performance of the show.The comic begins very The Simpsons Prerequisite: Mr. Burns will leave his wealth to anyone who can beat the rest of Springfield in a major tournament. Homer took the lead early, but his family life collapsed as a result, and the Simpsons must cope with this situation together.

Image: Joe Joynard

“As a child born in the 90s, I have never The Simpsons,” said Jo​​e Chouinard, he was Spring War! “I grew up taking this show for granted, partly because it was so common, and partly because I didn’t understand half of the jokes. But I don’t think any media has more influence on me. Those early seasons are deep. The deep imprint in my mind undoubtedly affects my views on humor and storytelling. In addition, I will quote this show every day. I think in twenty years, I will still announce whether everything will really appear in Milhau. On Si.”

Chouinard’s inspiration is profound.After reviewing it again You You Baishu, Chouinard wants to know why emotional martial arts competitions are not a major part of Western cartoon classics. From there, Spring War! From an idea to a complete comic.

“So, I gave up the status quo and allowed the characters to grow, change and continue their lives,” Chouinard said. “It feels like they deserve it in three years. Even if I have to do it myself, I’m glad to have some closures.”

Other artists still love it The Simpsons In its current form, and remain active in fandom. Spikermonster is an online artist, he has always been The Simpsons In his life, but he rediscovered the show during a depressive episode.

“I decided to revisit [the episode] Love, Springfield style after watching sex pistol simulation Great rock scam,” he told Polygon via Twitter. “I find that I still like it very much, actually.This made me discover more The Simpsons The episode to watch. Before I realized it, I had already dived deep into this show, drawing fan art and thinking about stories and character exploration ideas. My depression completely disappeared. I think it saved my life. “

This art led to a project called Those springfield kids, This is “a character study of Bart, Lisa, and their late high school friends.” Spikermonster explained that if the clock suddenly appeared in their lives, they would love to know how the cast would develop. “Part of my inspiration comes from other The Simpsons Fan items such as Batkira with Marge Simpson anime,” Spikemonster said. “It’s so exciting to think of some people watching my work, they might feel the same as when I first saw Bartkira. “

He added: “I hope people don’t stop making fan projects like this. It’s always fun to see how people reinterpret such an iconic show.”