The simulated pocket will start shipping within three weeks

The Game Boy-like device called an analog pocket will finally be shipped within three weeks.

More specifically, the first batch of equipment will begin shipping on December 13, and orders are expected to reach customers sometime between December 14 and December 30. This news was released after Pocket’s multiple delays, most of which were due to continued shipping difficulties and chip shortages due to the global COVID-19 pandemic.

If you booked a Pocket, you should have received an email from Analogue stating that the Pocket will be shipped within three weeks. The e-mail also contains information about if you are out on holiday and the delivery is delayed.

“We know that some of you will leave during the holidays and hope to deliver in the new year,” Analogue’s announcement read. “With this in mind, we propose to keep your package during the holidays and start shipping on January 3. If you cannot accept the delivery between December 14 and December 30, you should request a suspension of your package Orders.”

The last date to change the order is November 28th, Analogue stated that no changes can be made after that. The email you received contains more instructions on how to make these changes (if necessary). While waiting for the Pocket to ship, check the various functions it contains and the accessories that come with it.

Will you get a mock pocket next month? Please let us know in the comments below!