The sixth season of Warzone has begun, this will be the last season of Verdansk

The sixth season of the Call of Duty Theater has begun, and this will be the last season on the Verdansk map.

This news comes from Charlie Intel On twitter, According to reports Chronicles of Video Games, It posted a short video on Twitter, in which a Raven software developer confirmed that season 6 is the last of Verdansk. They said that in order to celebrate the last season, the original shower Gulag will also return to the map.

Due to some explosive explosives that “triggered a devastating seismic event”, the layout of the Verdansk map in Season 6 has undergone tremendous changes. Verdansk is now covered by cracks and crevices that run through the stadium and the city center. These cracks not only provided new heights for the player’s battle, but also led to newly discovered bunkers during World War II.

These bunkers act as an underground passage system, and although they may not be the safest areas on Verdansk, Raven says they are full of high-value loot. In October, Warzone’s The Haunting event is back, although it will not officially start until October 18.

The patch notes for Season 6 indicate that Verdansk’s trophies have been adjusted, including new gulag loading, new ground and supply box inventory.The patch notes have a lot more content, you can visit Raven Software’s Twitter post about Season 6 Get a comprehensive understanding of the sixth and final season of Verdansk Warzone.

With the release of “Call of Duty: Vanguard” on November 5th, the new World War II Pacific-themed map will become a theater map.

For more details about Vanguard, please check this Everything we learned from the game Go back to August and check out our Impressions of Pioneer after experiencing multiplayer games firsthand last month.Read our thoughts on Warzone Game informant Call of Duty: War Zone Review after that.

Will you go to Verdsansk again? Are you excited about the new Pacific themed map? Please let us know in the comments below!

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