The Slaughter House comic is a derivative work of a great thing killing children

Just in time for Halloween, Monster Hunting World Something is killing the child Expand to Slaughterhouse, One of the most anticipated versions of this year. James Tynion IV and Werther Dell’edera’s Something is killing the childWith its approachable and dynamic horror film combined with sincere character drama and killer design, it has been one of the biggest breakthroughs in the non-Marvel or DC world in the past few years.

With all this and SlaughterhouseFocus on one of them SIKtCThe best supporting role, this is a weird story that everyone should pay attention to.

What is the slaughterhouse about?

Photos: James Tynion IV, Tate Brombal, Chris Shehan/Boom Studios

Slaughterhouse From a smashing horror comic Something is killing the childThe James Tynion IV and Werther Dell’edera series introduce a mysterious monster hunter organization, they wear fashionable headscarves, composed entirely of people who met beasts in their childhood. slaughter This concept is expanded by giving up a glimpse of how the Saint George Medal used the house of the same name to turn traumatized children into more traumatized secret warriors.This story is told through the eyes of Aaron Slaughter, a comrade in arms Something is killing the child‘S leader, Erica Slaughter. Unlike the impulsive and injured Erica, Aaron is more deliberate and reserved. He understands the value of tradition and the outdated sacraments of the Order.

Slaughterhouse Floating between the two periods, Aaron began to enter the nominal house, and he looked for monsters with whom he had a personal relationship. We see who he is and who he has become.Arrogance and hidden sympathy keep him in Something is killing the child Still there, just mixed with rough edges and corners. In essence, this is a tragic (or is it? After all, there are more problems to be solved) queer love story, and it is possible to tear your heart with Aaron.

Who is making the slaughterhouse?

Slaughterhouse From the world created by Tynion and Dell’edera Something is killing the child ——The fear of childhood can create real monsters that only children can see. The secret order of Monster Hunter is dedicated to destroying these monsters and keeping them secret, so as to confirm that their existence will not become a self-perpetuating cycle. Few writers are hotter than Tynion now.He is currently ending his campaign Batman Among other things, pay more attention to his smash hit series Ministry of Truth with Something is killing the child title. He has been one of the most successful hotspots in the past few years, and whenever he does something new, it is worth a try.

Some of the new readers will be writer Tate Brombal, who co-authored the story and wrote the question. Brombal received praise earlier this year Barbalien: The Red Planet In Jeff Lemire’s Black hammer universe. His sensitive handling of the AIDS crisis through the lens of an out-of-the-box superhero has made Brumbal the focus of many readers.

Chris Shehan, his behind-the-scenes genius, who undertakes the artistic responsibilities with him Autumnal, One of the freshest horror comics of the year. As the name suggests, Autumnal She gave Shehan a wealth of experience and learned how to make the forest absolutely terrifying.A series of articles about hunting monsters in remote areas of the Midwest, such as Slaughterhouse, This is an essential skill. Miquel Muerto and Andworld Design changed colors and fonts from Something is killing the child, To establish the visual continuity of the title.

Why is the House of Slaughter happening now?

Aaron Slaughter (Aaron Slaughter), wearing a black headscarf, decorated with a set of white fangs, holding a dragon head cane. His huge figure is set against the orange moon. In the foreground is the Slaughter House. Its windows also emit orange light. It is on the cover of Slaughter House #1 (2021).

Photo: Chris Shehan/Boom Studios

James Tynion IV is hot now.He recently announced that he is resigning Batman, Just after winning the 2020 Eisner Best Writer Award, the most eye-catching performance in superhero comics.beside Something is killing the child with Ministry of Truth, His original DC horror comics Beautiful house on the lake Launched with incredibly high sales.He is the nearest poster boy Sub-stack move Shaking up the comics industry, his stock has never soared.

This doesn’t even mention Upcoming Netflix adaptation of Something is killing the child From Trevor Messi and Mike Flanagan. With eye-catching design and fascinating zeitgeist story, Slaughterhouse as well as”Massacre“It doesn’t seem to make sense. Boy, were they right when they went on strike? The title had an order Nearly a million copies already.

Is there anything I must read?

In reality, you can directly enter here and get the essentials of “Monster Hunter Secret School, Aaron fell in love with the new kid They are roommates. “What you will miss is the deeper knowledge and background of this book. To get it, you need to read Something is killing the child appropriate. There, we saw Aaron in the scroll for the first time. 2 Help his sister Erica in a monster hunt.The Order of Saint George has been greatly expanded in the forthcoming volume 4, originally serialized as Something is killing the child #16-20.The truth is that if you like Slaughterhouse #1 you will fall in love Something is killing the child.

Does the slaughterhouse look good?

Spin-off is difficult. Moving from a focused vision to a wider world is a challenge faced by many people. Slaughterhouse Came into being. It has an obvious advantage. Outside of monsters, it is a grounded world. These are the rules of the universe and the creed of the Order, but they are inferior to Brombbar’s script. Take the white mask that tortured Aaron, for example, the black mask.Readers Something is killing the child Will have a deeper understanding of their competition with Aaron and Black Masks (White Masks are trained as a powerful attack team and are not too worried about human collateral damage, Black Masks are trained as hidden monster assassins and always work alone), but all What the story really requires is that they are bullies.

A proper analogy may be notorious Columnar Comic Cover. From one angle, you will see one image, but tilt it and you will see another.The same principle applies to SlaughterhouseComing to it alone, you will enjoy a fulfilling world, a compact script and a strong emotional core. As someone who is proficient in Slaughterverse, you will see the secret basis of the story. Especially in art.

Photos: James Tynion IV, Tate Brombal, Chris Shehan/Boom Studios

Shehan and Muerto are a good pair here. Art is moody and has a strong character performance. The team cleverly used panel gutters to depict the past and the present, allowing readers to always understand the “when” of the story.But in-depth observation, you will find that there is a deep tonal consistency with Dell’edera’s work Something is killing the childShehan not only maintains a consistent design, but also provides a page layout and panel structure that feels like Dell’edera. The dense two-panel distribution helps control the rhythm and push as much progress as possible into pages that are less than 24 pages.This attention to detail is essential to make this feeling an important part Something is killing the child Not cheap cash.

Brombal also aligns his script with Tynion’s defining work in the series. The conversation is both smart and fascinating, but not too self-conscious for your own benefit. Even better is the deep goodwill at the root of the story. Aaron is multifaceted on this issue, pushing and pulling his conflicting inner desires. His rivalry with his new child, Jace Boucher, turned into feelings, which formed the main line of the problem and hopefully promoted the rest of the story. This is very interesting for new readers, and very tragic for those who know how this must end.

This is still the opening performance of a horror comic and is more interested in the scars left by monsters than the fear they provide. People looking for pure horror Halloween may be better able to divert their attention elsewhere (Something is killing the child If you are looking for something, it is full of direct ghosts! ). What we are left with is a good example of how to perform the spin-off. A plant is rooted in the audience’s expectations, but I believe they will follow where the team wants to take them.In a world where the cinematic universe and vertically integrated storytelling have become a hot commodity, it is refreshing to see an original player flying high and achieving real success Slaughterhouse Do.

Two panels that pop up

A group of Aaron Slaughter put on his scary tooth turban, thinking

Photos: James Tynion IV, Tate Brombal, Chris Shehan/Boom Studios

Once the franchise landed on Netflix, they will sell millions of headscarves.