The Star Wars game from Quantic Dream is under development, the report said

The studio behind Downpour, Beyond two souls, with Detroit: Become a human, Quantic Dream, is shifting from robots to robots.According to reports, it is developing a new Star Wars game Double shocker with KotakuAccording to these two reports, Quantic Dream’s unannounced Star Wars project has been in development for 18 months.

According to reports, Quantic Dream’s rumored “Star Wars” game is different from the developer’s previous game. Kotaku quoted an anonymous source familiar with the project as saying that the game will focus less on the mechanics of the quick event style and more on traditional action elements. We have contacted Quantic Dream for comments.

Since the release of PlayStation 4 exclusive Detroit: Become a human In 2018, Paris-based Quantic Dream pursued independence and expanded into publishing and Set up a new studio in Montreal. Quantic Dream Montreal is led by former Eidos-Montreal and Ubisoft Montreal’s Stéphane D’Astous. Assassin’s Creed game designer Yohan Cazaus briefly served as game director at the new Quantic Dream studio before moving to Electronic Arts’ Motive Studio.

In 2019, Chinese Internet company NetEase purchased a minority stake in Quantic Dream as part of its investment in “the development and creation of next-generation games.”NetEase said at the time that the investment would “support [Quantic Dream]The vision is to become a global, multi-franchise entertainment company and develop advanced technologies and games for the future. “

Last year, Quantic Dream released its latest game by itself, Downpour, Beyond two souls, with Detroit: Become a human, For Windows PC on Steam. These games were originally released by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation platform. Quantic Dream has not yet announced its next project.

In January, Lucasfilm Games announced “New Era“Suitable for Star Wars games.”[W]Lucasfilm and the distant galaxy will enter an unprecedented stage of innovation, as will the Lucasfilm game world developed in collaboration with the best studios in the industry,” the company said in a statement. Since then, Lucasfilm Games and its partners have announced new games from Massive Entertainment under Ubisoft’s Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, And a free battle arena game called Star Wars: Hunter.