The “Star Wars: The Hunter” trailer brings chaos from across the galaxy

The Force may be mysterious, but the Star Wars video game is even more so. Star Wars: Hunter It has emerged from the abyss of the distant galaxy and launched a new movie trailer. The trailer provides few details of the new game, but the attitude is very rich. And this attitude is quite fun!

The trailer depicts the conflict between the Sith warrior and the Mandalorian bounty hunter. As others joined, the conflict became more and more out of control: the Wookiees, the stormtrooper, two Javanese in trench coats, and a famous celebrity. The robots called J-3D1 are all armed to their teeth and seem to be ready to fight everyone around. In other words, it is the perfect package for a chaotic multiplayer game set on one of Star Wars’ many desert planets.

Announced during the Nintendo Direct in February 2021, Star Wars: Hunter It is a free multiplayer arena fighting game for Android, iOS and Nintendo Switch.Developed by Zynga, the pioneer of free social games, such as Farmville, Star Wars: hunter The story takes place on the planet Vespaara, where there is an arena where hunters from across the galaxy are engaged in team battles.

It was initially announced that later this year, Star Wars: Hunter It is now expected to arrive in 2022.