The state of Discord in 2022: Games take a back seat to forums

We are in the golden age of Discord. It is used by tens of millions of people every day, and by every indication, that number is rising. What started as a way to have a good, free voice chat with friends and eventually delete Skype has quickly grown into a generational destination for messaging, video calling, streaming, file sharing and community.

Discord is no longer content to be an app for gamers, though. The company wants communities of all types to organize under its banner and mutate into one big casserole of social networking features. Since Discord is a better Skype, it also wants to be a better Zoom, a better Instagram, and a better Twitter. As Discord gets crowded, I’ve been wondering if it can keep the cool, accessible, mostly private social network that all my friends use. Does it already do features that are important to gamers, and is the stuff it already does well always free? Let’s take a look at where Discord is headed and where it might go in 2022.

Discord is still very good in 2022