The Steam Summer Sale is on, and this year is a little weird

Steam release date (opens in new tab) No longer the secret they once closely guarded, but their coming Steam Summer Sale (opens in new tab) Still one of the biggest days on the PC gaming calendar. The 2022 event, now officially underway, is no exception: there are often massive discounts on a ton of games, plus summer sales of trading cards, badges, something called a Clorthax, and — I believe it’s ever been​​​ First time – the official Steam Summer Sale trailer.

The summer sale is huge, and as always, we’re going to dig into the deals and make some suggestions on where you might want to spend your money based on where we might want to spend it. To get things going fast, though, here’s a full rundown of every game featured in the Summer Sale trailer, in case something catches your eye and you want to take a closer look: