The Story of Four Seasons: Olive Town Trailblazer updated to version 1.1.0

XSEED Games has launched a free content update for “The Story of the Four Seasons: Herald of Olive Town” and brought a lot of new content to improve your gaming experience. The most significant change is the introduction of psychic missions, which are “a series of events and challenging requirements for olive town experts, including rewards such as new clothing, hairstyles, and farming abilities.” Once the player “triggers all existing town development events and Save enough town development points” to unlock spiritual missions. In addition, a new post-marriage event scene has been added, and the six marriage candidates in the DLC can now participate in the “husband and wife-centered” festival. Check the full patch notes for version 1.1.0 below, which is now available for Switch.

Full patch instructions:

  • Highly difficult “soul mission” after the new story
  • Several new post-marital activities have been added to the base game and AOC bachelor/bachelor girls.
  • Fixed an issue where mini games would hinder progress
  • Fixed an issue where loading data saved during item collection would prevent progress
  • Fixed an issue where loading specific auto-save data from the 1.0.8 patch would block progress
  • Fixed an issue where certain facilities could not be obtained again after they were lost