The story of the plague: Requiem announced in 2022

Epidemic Story: InnocenceThe fascinating story of is one of 2019’s outstanding hidden gems, and a sequel will be created next year. In today’s Microsoft showcase, a trailer for the movie A Plague Tale: Requiem was released. This sets up another dark journey table for the deRune brothers.

The movie trailer doesn’t give much, but I hear the main character, Amicia de Rune, talking to an unknown man about her brother, Hugo. Fans will remember that Hugo is cursed by black magic associated with the supernatural plague of greedy mice. Does Amicia have to stop her brother? Is she saying “protect with her own life”?

A Plague Tale: Requiem will be available in 2022 for the Xbox Series X / S and PC. It will also be available on Xbox Game Pass from day one. It hasn’t yet been announced if it will come to other platforms, but we’ll update the story if something changes in that regard.

A Plague Tale: Did you enjoy Innocence? If so, what do you want to see in Requiem? Let us know in the comments!