The stupid art style of the remake of “Grand Theft Auto Trilogy” is actually good

Rockstar showed us the upcoming Grand Theft Auto: Trilogy-the final collection, which showcased a lot of work done to improve the visual effects of the game. For the remake, you are never sure whether you will get an upgraded version of the old game or a completely overhauled product, but so far, it seems that Rockstar and the developer Grove Street Games are treating these classic games with respect and what they deserve .

Rich Stanton, news editor: What surprised me was the simple technique of transitioning from the “old” scene to the new scene, it really emphasized that these environments look brighter and cleaner. Like many people, I think I haven’t played these games for more than ten years, so my memory of them is always “better” than the actual situation at the time. Seeing this is like Rockstar has entered my The brain, took out the nostalgic goggles, somehow turned it into a game. To be honest, I’m not that excited about the GTA trilogy, but suddenly, I can’t wait to return to the gorgeous, soft-soaked Sin City, put on Duran Duran, and burn the rubber.