The Switch Online + expansion pack is now available, and the Switch firmware is updated to version 13.0.1

About a month after the announcement, it finally came. Nintendo just released the Nintendo Switch Online + expansion pack. Keep in mind that the cost of a one-year purchase is $49.99, which is an increase from the $19.99 you currently pay for the one-year regular Nintendo Switch Online package.

If you do get the Nintendo Switch Online + expansion pack, you will have access to 2 new retro game libraries. The expansion pack will contain libraries for SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive and Nintendo 64. As of tonight, the extended pass will be released, and you can play 9 Nintendo 64 games and 14 SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive games.

One thing Nintendo has also done for the Nintendo Switch Online + expansion pack release is to release a new update of the Nintendo Switch firmware. The only thing mentioned in the patch notes is the usual “system stability improvements to enhance user experience” and the addition of support for Nintendo Switch Online + expansion packs.