The System Shock remake is nearing completion, and we see its full arsenal

Changing the name, I suspect that Nightdive’s remake of System Shock could launch a whole new game in 2022. There are some hints of its origins in 1994 PC gaming, like the hotkey bar at the bottom of the HUD filled with gear and grid-based inventory. The pipe hacking minigame might be a dead giveaway. On the other hand, the pump action on the pulse rifle’s reload animation makes System Shock look like a whole new shooter, arcing its head as the robot explodes with a terrifying headshot. It’s a good game, somewhere between the new big-budget shooter and the return of pixels and polygons like Prodeus.

It’s still a long way from its Kickstarter in 2016, but in the words of Nightdive’s Larry Kuperman, System Shock is now “very complete” and into its final months of polish until its release later this year. “Every level is here, every enemy is in place, every weapon is in place,” Cooperman told me during a presentation at this year’s Game Developers Conference. It’s playable from start to finish and is now going through QA.