The task of these modules is to remake the most inconspicuous derivative works of “Half-Life”

No game named “Half-Life” is more out of touch with Valve’s beloved series than “Half-Life: Decay”, which was developed by Gearbox in 2001. Forgotten cooperation PS2 expansion pack. After “Half-Life 2” and “Alyx”, it was very harsh to play today, Decay doesn’t feel like what we expect from the “Half-Life” game. Now 20 years old, Decay is almost as forgotten as “Half-Life”, but it still has a group of enthusiastic fans who believe its quirks are proof of the experimental history of “Half-Life”. Over the years, many fans have tried to revive it in the Source engine. So far, every project has failed, but a new remake called Peer Review may succeed.

“Decay’s idea of ​​a remake became a kind of sarcasm,” said peer-reviewed level designer Ryan Lam. “If you want to remake “Decay,” no one will take you seriously.”