The trailer for the Halo Infinite event was hit hard

343 Industries and Microsoft will definitely launch Halo infinite Before the release of next week’s event-and the surprise release of the free multiplayer part of the game, we also saw a pretty good live-action trailer for “Infinity” that was launched earlier this week.

Not satisfied with pushing the real-life chiefs before us, the folks at Xbox have now released a launch trailer that focuses on the game’s open world (ish) activities. It introduces us to some of the threats the Chief will face in this new story, including a very angry beast boss who wants your head. Fear. Take a look below.

“When all hopes are shattered and the fate of mankind hangs in the balance, the chief sergeant is ready to face the most ruthless enemy he faces,” the trailer said. “Step into the armor of the greatest hero of mankind, experience an epic adventure, and explore the vast range of Zeta Halo, from a stunning height to the mysterious depths below the ring. Rescue the UNSC Marine Corps, and is known as exile Reinforced in the battle of the terrible enemy of the warrior.”

Halo Infinite has been launched for Xbox for a long time. It was originally scheduled to launch with Xbox Series X/S in November 2020, but was postponed to 2021 after the event was particularly poor in July last year.

In addition to some progress complaints that continue to anger fans in the multiplayer game, the release of Halo Infinite so far has been quite good: the game attracted 100,000 players on Steam in less than an hour, and was in the first place. One night attracted more than 272,000 players alone.