The Trombone Champion creator’s take on Baboon, Trombone Trap Room, and Goku’s Vegeta

Music Rhythm Game Trombone Champ (opens in new tab) Became a star on Twitter yesterday, but in a good way.After posting a video of themselves playing Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, many people were ecstatic, enthusiastic, and even moved to tears (because how badly i played (opens in new tab)).

But Trombone Champ is more than just a fast-paced, fun and silly music game. There’s a way, not just trying to follow William Tell Overture, Hawa Naguila, and Mozart’s Eine kleine Nachtmusik’s trap combo. There’s a dramatic Dark Souls-like cutscene intro, lots of secrets and mysteries with unlockable trombones, a poop-based card creation system, a summonable demon, tons of trombone lore, a lot about how many hot dog legends there are The information trombone players can eat in one go, and there’s more to the baboon than you’d expect in a music game. (I wish there were zero baboons in the music game. I’d go a long way.)