The Troop is a promising new little World War II war game

As much as I love weird big wargames, I also really like platoon-scale wargames. In the game, you’re in charge of 60 soldiers, six cars, and a battlefield no bigger than a suburb.

Troops is one such war game, set in World War II and focusing on British and Canadian troops fighting in Normandy from the early hours of D-Day. This immediately makes it stand out, as hardly that many games focus on the British and Canadians, but the US military. What else makes it stand out? Unlike many other wargaming, it really seems to understand that this is a game, not a simulation. Realism, while worrying, takes a back seat to the enjoyable gameplay.

From what I’ve seen so far, the AI ​​understands and plays by the same rules as the player. It will stay out of your line of sight, choose angles that won’t allow you to fight back effectively, and if it can’t see your troops, it will act as if they aren’t there. It’s a game with rules, and the AI ​​is fighting to win. I like.

(Image credit: Giant Flame)

Troops also have a good storytelling conceit and give their units some personality. This is aided by completely fictional battles and missions.