The tug-of-war mini-game in Mario Party Superstars includes in-game safety warnings

If you recall the first Mario party released for Nintendo 64 in 1998, you might think of a special little game that caused injuries to the hands of friends and family due to its crazy spinning C-bar control method. as soon as possible. The tug-of-war is back in the upcoming Mario party superstars, and Nintendo made sure to issue a safety warning this time to protect itself from responsibility. The warning in the game is as follows: “To avoid irritating your skin and/or damaging the control lever, please do not rotate it with the palm of your hand.”

As early as March 2000, Nintendo received about 90 complaints about hand cuts and blisters caused by tug-of-war games.this result The company paid more than $80 million to send protective gloves as compensation to those who bought copies of Mario Party. Nintendo seems to have learned its lesson and now clearly reminds players how to properly avoid injuries.

Mario Party Superstars will land on Nintendo Switch on October 29th.

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