The Twilight of the Gods of War will end the Nordic legend, because the game takes a long time to make

Sony Santa Monica spent nearly five years reinventing the iconic God of War series and restarted it in 2018. Although the developer originally planned to reduce the development time of the second game, Ares Gods Twilight Already aiming for a 2022 release-four years later than its predecessor.

This is one of the main reasons why the studio used Ragnarok to end the Nordic legend, rather than spreading it over three games like the typical one.

In an interview with YouTube Captain CubaRestart director Corey Barlog explained that considering the production time of each game so far, a complete trilogy with only one story may span about 15 years.

“I think it’s too much. Like, I think we asked too much, to say that the actual completion time of this story is too long, it feels too long, and considering the position of the team and Eric’s position He is doing what he wants to do, and I think, look, I think we can actually do it in the second story,” he said.

“Because most of the things we tried to do from the beginning were about Kratos and Atreus. The core of the story engine is actually the relationship between these two characters,” he added.

“And complexity radiates outward like ripples in a pond. We can turn it into an ocean and let these ripples travel thousands of miles. But is it necessary and beneficial, or whether we feel it, you know what, it’s just taking it Disperse too far. The ripples are too far apart and you kind of lose the plot.”

It is not clear what the plan is after Ragnarok. Kratos can continue and switch to different cultures, but Santa Monica may also want to make a complete transformation in a whole new way.

On the recent PlayStation Showcase, we saw the amazing Twilight of the Gods of War for the first time through a fairly long game trailer. The trailer also revealed some of the characters in the story. Ragnarok is a bigger game than its predecessor, allowing access to all nine areas.