The ultra-rare Atari 2600 game won over $ 10,000 on Texas Goodwill

One of the rarest games on the Atari 2600 — a third party titled Air raid, Known for the characteristic T-shaped handle of the cartridge. More than $ 10,000 has recently been auctioned at Goodwill Stores in Dallas and North Texas.

Alex Juarez, Goodwill’s e-commerce processor, found games in unclassified donated games and toy boxes. In the video above, Juarez acknowledged a rare cartridge, but explained that he consulted with his father to confirm that it was a valuable discovery. Sure enough, it was.

“He sent me a really exciting text back [saying,] ‘You found Air raid!“” Juarez says.

After investigating what they found, Juarez and his boss listed cartridges for auction on Goodwill’s website. After a week of bidding, I won $ 10,590.79.

That’s almost three times the sale of the latest cartridges for collector’s items alone, for $ 3,575. Air raid On eBay in 2011. In 2012, a sealed copy of Air raid (Including Cartridges, boxes, and instruction manuals) brought the owner $ 33,433.30.

GameRant, List updated last monthSay only 5 sales of Air raid Known (as a collector’s item), it makes an incredibly unusual discovery and offer. “So far, only 12 copies of the game have been found and are not for sale,” Goodwill said in a news release.

Goodwill said money from Air raidOn the June 17th sale, “We can provide one adult with a disability with one year of day rehabilitation services, or provide recruitment services and community resources to 20 homeless individuals, or risk. Helping 10 young people to earn GED and salary at the same time. ”Goodwill, a national non-profit organization founded over 110 years ago, sells donations at recycle shops. We use it to provide vocational training and employment services to people in need.

In 2013, a North Carolina woman found a copy of a super rare NES game Stadium event Charlotte’s goodwill. After trying to sell it to a local game store (which she couldn’t afford to pay for), it was put up for auction for $ 12,000. A sealed copy of the game sold in 2015 $ 35,100.